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If you aren’t totally quaking in your boots at the news of millions of bees dead, yet again, you’re nuts.

this should be concerning a lot more people than it is

not only because bees are one of the most important animals in the world and their job is a lot more than gathering honey but also because they are what scientists refer to as an “indicator species”

this means that when their populations start dwindling and then rapidly dropping, humans need to watch their shit because that means that environmental factors are too difficult for THEM to live in, so it might be difficult for US to live in, too. bees basically act as an indication that humans have a lot to worry about and when they start dying like this it deserves a lot more than a few headlines.

last year my biggest worry was the steep decline in bee population and apparently thats not about to change anytime soon. people have told me to my face that they think its strange I’m so concerned for the bees. read this you selfish fucks

Get excited, motherfuckers.  Without bees, we will die off.  Bayer and Monsanto continue to produce the chemicals that have been proven to kill them, and the government has their backs.  Bees pollinate 30% of our food in the US and we are passing legislation to PROTECT the scumbags responsible for killing them.

I preach this shit to everyone who will listen and I always get “WAAAAH I HATE BEES THEY STING AND THEY ARE BIG MEANIES!” but think about your future life without kiwis, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, peaches, sunflowers, cotton, apples, plums, pears, mustard, celery, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, beans, cherries, melons, turnips, canola oil, alfalfa, soybeans, lemons, oranges, and I could go on forever.

Bees are amazing creatures who are responsible for the comfortable lives we lead in this country and we cannot sustain and feed our population without them.

Alright you guys, there’s a good amount of notes on this but it’s only making us aware of the problem, not telling us what we can do to help. We can do something to help and YOU CAN HELP, YES THAT MEANS YOU. ALL YOU NEED IS DIRT, A FEW BUCKS, AND A MOMENT OF YOUR TIME TO MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE, LITERALLY. 

Plant flowers that bees like and that attract them.

Bees prefer flowers that are blue, purple, and yellow. Choose flowers that bloom successively over the spring, summer, and fall seasons such as coreopsis, Russian sage, or germander. They especially love clover! Other plants include sage, salvia, oregano, lavender, ironweed, yarrow, yellow hyssop, alfalfa, honeywort, dragonhead, echinacea, bee balm, buttercup, goldenrod and English thyme. Buy seeds online.


If pesticides are killing off the bees so easily, what do you think it’s doing to us? The EPA says studies have shown pesticides can cause birth defects, nerve damage, and cancer. There are other ways to get rid of pests in the garden than using chemicals. Organic Garden Pests shows you how to keep off the bugs the organic way.

Give the bees a free home!

Giving bees a “bee block” alone is a huge load off their backs! You can buy homes here or  You can even build your own. 

Please, if you have already reblogged this, reblog this is again with what I have posted onto it so you know what you can do to help. We can make a difference.

Sources and other helpful links:

5 ways to help our disappearing bees

How to “Friend” Your Native Bees

Why gardening is good for your health

Silence of the Bees


Anonymous asked:

/Donates a few gold rupees/ so when Link passes out or something, is he instantly teleported back to the house or does he just... lie there?



"That’s a very good question!  One that will doubtlessly have a logical and completely plausible answer!  You see, what happens is…"

He freezes, standing there for a while with his stupid grin, trying desperately to think of the logical, completely plausible answer he needed. However, some strange force causes his mind to completely go blank, and after a while he gives up, his face falling into a blank expression.

"Whoa, that’s weird, it’s like my mind just went completely blank all of the sudden.  It’s like something doesn’t want me to answer your question; like our very existence as we know it would be threatened if I did…”

He suddenly realizes what he’s saying; then, with a confused and slightly distressed expression, he scratches his head.

"…Wait, what?  What am I even going on about?”  He begins to wander out of the office, mumbling to himself.  “I knew staying up so late counting donations was a bad idea… I need to go lie down or… something…

Sorry Rav you’re gonna have to die and go to heaven in order to gain arcane knowledge of the  fourth wall like Time and Twi did

Kickstarter! Tailor’s pattern books


Kickstarter! Tailor’s pattern books

I know both Marion and Katherine through the German Renaissance Costume group and lj for years and they are both incredible researchers. This is a book I am funding, just need to grab one of the slots!

So the first thing you see is a thumbnail of a pattern. This is all you need to know before even…

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IMLTHO this 26-piece gifset by cezura is the crowning achievement of Joan Watson Appreciation Week.

  • awesome (1x01, clapping for the Mets on tv)
  • better half (1x09, waiting at clinic)
  • could have been a knife (1x16, throwing the basketball)
  • detective (1x18, updating her profile page)
  • exceptional (1x16, listening to a proposal)
  • friendship (1x19, Ms Hudson; 2x03, Emily; 2x11, Marcus)
  • good morning watson (1x10, receiving breakfast tray in bed)
  • heroine (1x24, knowing what to do)
  • instincts (1x18, realizing b led to a)
  • joanie (1x05, hearing she was right)
  • kick ass (2x01, using the baton)
  • learning on the job (2x06, wanting to be useful)
  • my dear watson (1x11, taking a new client)
  • no (1x21, refusing the scalpel)
  • observant (1x01, spotting the bag of rice in the photo)
  • partnership (1x22, you asked me to be your partner)
  • quite the doctor (1x05, accepting acknowledgement)
  • rebuilds lives (2x11, greeting with a hug)
  • sober companion (1x02, attending a meeting)
  • too angry to be afraid (1x24, confronting a nemesis)
  • underestimated (1x24, defeating a nemesis)
  • very smallest of gestures (2x06, opening the trunk)
  • watson(s) (1x10, meeting her family)
  • ex-surgeon (1x05, reviewing her past)
  • you named a bee after me (1x24, releasing the loveliest smile)
  • zero fucks given (1x16, pulling down the locks) 
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